Complaints and refunds

Renouncement from agreement

1. The right of withdrawal shall be vested exclusively on the consumer being the Consumer.

2. A customer who has entered into a distance contract with LEATHERSEDUCTION.COM may, within 30 days of that date, waive, without giving any reason and expense, except for the costs indicated below, provided that he / she has been properly informed during the order submission process. Applicable statutory exceptions to the right of withdrawal are given in paragraph 20.8 below.

3. If the Customer has made a declaration of withdrawal before the Seller has accepted his offer, it shall cease to be binding.

4. The period of time for withdrawal from the contract for the sale of goods shall commence on the day on which the customer or a person designated by him other than the carrier entered his possession (in the case of sale of many things - in the possession of the last one) Their conclusion.

5. In order to use the right of withdrawal, the Customer should provide a statement to the Seller in this regard. In order to keep the deadline, it is sufficient to send a statement before it expires. This statement may be sent, among others. On the form enclosing Appendix 1 to the Regulations, by e-mail or post

6. The Seller will promptly confirm to the Customer on a paper or via mail that he receives a declaration of withdrawal.

7. At the time of withdrawal, related additional contracts concluded by the Customer shall terminate if the benefit is satisfied by the entrepreneur or a third party on the basis of an agreement with the entrepreneur.

8. The right of withdrawal is not available to the Client in relation to the contracts referred to in art. 38 of the Consumer Rights Act, including Contracts for:

8.1. Provision of services if the Seller has performed the full service with the express consent of the consumer who has been informed prior to the commencement of the service that, upon fulfillment of the performance by the Seller, he loses the right to withdraw from the contract;

8.2. In which the subject of the offer is an unstructured item, manufactured according to the Client's specifications or satisfying its individual needs;

8.3. When the package is opened, it can’t be returned for health or hygiene purposes if the packaging has been opened after delivery;

8.4. The subject of which is audiovisual or visual recordings or computer programs delivered in sealed packaging if the packaging has been opened after delivery;

8.5. To provide digital content that is not recorded on a material medium if the performance of the benefit began with the express consent of the Customer prior to the expiration of the withdrawal period and after informing the trader of the loss of the right of withdrawal.

Effects of resignation from a sale agreement

1. The Seller, within 30 days of receipt of a statement of withdrawal from the sale of goods, shall return to the Customer all payments made by him, including delivery costs corresponding to the lowest price offered by the Seller, if applicable. Reimbursement will be made using the same method of payment as Customer used, unless Customer expressly agrees to another way of reimbursement, which does not involve any costs.

2. The Seller may offer to the Customer that he himself will receive the item. If the Seller has not made such a request to the Customer:

2.1. The customer will return the item to the Seller (or the person authorized by the Seller for receipt) promptly, but no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of withdrawal from the contract, unless the Seller has offered to collect the item himself. It is enough to return the item before it expires.

2.2. The Seller may withhold return of payments received from the Customer until the item is returned or delivery by the Customer a proof of his return, whichever is the earlier.

2.3. The Customer bears the direct cost of returning the Product (including the cost of delivering it to the Seller) and is responsible for reducing the value of the Goods resulting from its use other than as necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and performance of the Goods.

Effects of resignation from provision of services

1. If the Customer uses the right of withdrawal after expressly requesting the Seller to commence the service prior to the expiration of the withdrawal period, he shall be obliged to pay for the services fulfilled until the date of withdrawal from the contract, provided that such service is provided by the Seller. 

Responsibility for failure of the Goods and conformity with the agreement and administrative procedures

1. The products offered on LEATHERSEDUCTION.COM online shop are covered by the distributor’s guarantee. The guarantee document is the proof of purchase: VAT invoice or fiscal receipt. In the case of warranty claims, such should be reported to the Seller immediately upon discovery of irregularities related to the goods. After determining the conditions for the Seller to receive the defective product and the conditions for performing the warranty claim, the Customer is obliged to deliver the goods under agreed conditions to the Seller, secured in a way that protects the goods from damage.

The customer bears the costs of delivering the defective goods to the Seller unless agreed otherwise with the Seller.

2. Before picking up mail or courier mail, check that the packaging has not been damaged in transportation. In particular, attention should be paid to the state of the tapes being glued to the shipment. If the package is damaged or when the tape is broken, please refrain from receiving the parcel and in the presence of the courier, open it and possibly make a record of the injury and contact the seller as soon as possible to clarify the matter.