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Real leather bondage gear.

 „Leather Seduction” is a brand of our own BDSM accessories which has been made from unique materials for those who require high quality and look for real bondage sensations. „Leather Seduction”’s products don’t pretend they’re a BDSM accessories like fur handcuffs, Grey’s sashes and ties or sackcloth velcro harness available everywhere. Our products are autentic BDSM/bondage accessories. Natural, durable leather, metal buckles and rivets. With no compromises and vanilla simplifications.

All products has been created by people which are experienced and involved in what they create. Handmade in Poland from the begging till the end, they’re made from the highest quality natural leather, made in our native tanneries. Working on almost every detail is done by a human’s hands. Trimming individual pieces of the skin, binding, cramming all the metal parts and trims & finishing is the work entrusted exclusively to qualified leatherworkers and cobblers.

Every piece of natural leather is different – what’s why you can be sure that every our collar and every cuffs are unique and unrepeatable. That’s why every item has its own character. Obviously we strive to maintain consistency in core colors but we can’t guarantee that we’ll always be able to match the perfect repetition. And that is the advantage of this wonderful material, which is the leather over the artificial substitute/”eco” leather.

As we highlighted many times, all “Leather Seduction”’s products are handmade with natural leather so accessories have all leather’s advantages – beautiful look, unrepeatable smell, exceptional durability. However, it’s a demanding material so we suggest you to visit and read „First contact” and „Care”…

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